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Get insights into your productivity based on your email activity.
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Find out which days were your most productive

Did you send the most emails after lunch? Or while working from home? Find out what times and days of the week were your busiest!

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Understand how long you took to reply

See if your Response Time or First Response Time varied, and set targets to improve this year!

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Discover who you spent the most time talking to

Find out who sent you the most emails, who you reached out to the most, and how long it took you to reply!

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How it works

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Explore your data

Understand your inbox

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Discover what to work on

Email Meter complies with the highest security standards.  Read more

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Frequently asked questions

Is my data secure?
Email Meter only accesses your email metadata, which is always encrypted and never leaves the Google Cloud. We never read, process or store the body of your emails because we don’t have access to them.

The only information that we analyze are the headers which contain data such as: from, to, subject and date. This is possible because we use the minimum necessary scopes that the Gmail API has to offer: Gmail Metadata. To be able to request that information we're required by Google to perform yearly security audits to validate the integrity and security of our app.

You can read more about our security here.
How are metrics calculated?
Email Meter calculates your metrics using email headers, which includes information such as date and time sent or received, recipients, CC's, response time and more. These are then processed and turned into graphs and statistics to help you understand your inbox. To ensure the utmost privacy and security, we cannot access or store the text body or attachments of any email.
Can I get a report for my team?
Of course! Email Meter also offers extensive insights for teams of any size.

Get in touch with us here, let us know what you wanted to measure, for how many inboxes and we'll take it from there!
I have more questions!
We're happy to answer any questions you have, and would love to hear from you.
Just shoot us an email to and we'll be happy to help!