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Uninstalling the Legacy Gmail Meter Script

Starting this week, we are officially ramping down support for the legacy Gmail Meter.

Our most loyal readers should be quite familiar with our experience wrestling with the Apps Script version of our tool.

This past Monday, we rolled out our new email report, marking the first release of the new Gmail Meter. For many users on the legacy platform, their recent experience with Gmail Meter has been less than optimal. While our landing page has been changed to reflect the new Gmail Meter, we still want to provide the detailed instructions on uninstalling the legacy script to our users on that platform.

Legacy Gmail Meter Uninstall Instructions

There are three main steps to uninstalling the legacy Apps Script.

Revoking Gmail Meter access to your account

The first being revoking permissions for Gmail Meter by visiting your Google account page here, selecting Connected apps & sites underneath the Sign-in & security section on the left.

On next page, clicking Manage apps in order to view the authorized applications.From this list you will be able to find the authorization for Gmail Meter to access your account. To revoke access, simply click on the Remove button.

Deleting Gmail Meter file from your Drive

Once authorization for the legacy Gmail Meter has been revoked, the next step is to delete the file called "Gmail Meter Data - Do not delete" stored within the root folder of your Google Drive. This file is where the raw data for your account is stored prior to analysis – also make sure to empty the Trash within your Drive to ensure complete uninstall.

Deactivating script triggers from your account

Finally, you will then need to delete the script triggers still active within your Google account. Script triggers are essential to Apps Script and determine when scripts are run.

The original signup email is helpful as it contains a button to delete these script triggers. The alternative is to follow the instructions below and manually delete all script triggers that are associated with activityReport.

In order to do so, please do the following:

  1. Open your browser in incognito mode (CTRL+SHIFT+N for Chrome).
  2. Go to https://script.google.com and login to your Google account.
  3. Click on Edit and then select All your triggers from the menu.
  4. Google will prompt you to Edit Project Name, any name will do and feel free to simply click OK.
  5. Give the system a moment to save the new project.
  6. Then you should see a list of all triggers active within your Google account. Remove all triggers labeled activityReport.

For those of you who are interested, please feel to take a look at our new Gmail Meter.