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You can't improve what you can't measure

We use email at work for many different purposes. However, it is still a black box. With Email Meter, companies can now gain clarity on their internal email analytics. 

It's simple and free

Just connect your Gmail or G Suite account to get statistics and historical data in minutes.

No more email chaos

Take control of your inbox by analyzing all email traffic – Filter what's important for you and see reports in real time.

Trends & efficiency

Who's flooding your inbox? What's your response time? Start using this data to be more productive!

Safe & secure

Email Meter can't access your email body or attachments – only the headers or metadata.

Powerful email analytics

Track response times and other important email KPIs

A comprehensive report is generated with statistics on how you use your Gmail or G Suite email account. You will automatically be notified with a link to your report via email whenever a new report is ready.

Insightful reports

Monthly & weekly reports delivered for free

Email Meter provides histograms on cumulative sent and received emails, average response times, heatmaps for email traffic during the week, top senders, top receivers, and much more...

Details on your most vital communications

Full list of top interactions

Drill down to your statistics with specific individuals, see your response time for these contacts and the optimal time to expect a reply.

A centralized dashboard for your team

Advanced features for teams

Add more inboxes to your report and analyze all of them in one place – Quickly compare your team member's performance over time.

We also offer custom solutions and services for companies and teams, learn more here.

Email Meter has a been a very productive tool for us to quantify employee performance and assess communication trends.  The team has been incredibly responsive to feedback as well as support requests, which isn't common in this day and age so we really appreciate working with them!

John Gwin – The Auctus Group

I actually get a little bit excited when I see this report in my inbox. Thank you for creating this product, I love it!

Gina Romero,
CEO & Co-founder @ Connected Women

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What is Email Meter?
Email Meter is a tool that pulls your email data every month and sends you a report with analytics and detailed statistics.

Email Meter is developed and maintained by ShuttleCloud, a software platform that powers consumer email migration solutions for several large enterprises, including Google, Comcast, Yahoo and TWC. So have confidence in our knowledge and expertise as a trusted partner to some of the biggest technology companies in the industry.
Are there any kinds of emails excluded from analysis?
Yes! You are correct, our tool automatically excludes any emails that have been marked as Spam. This way, only the relevant data is analyzed!

Additionally, you can exclude more emails by your own custom rules using Advanced Filters.
How are metrics calculated? Do you have access to my emails?
Email Meter only ever has access to the metadata found in your email headers – this is all we need to generate your reports. We access this information through Google supported APIs and all authorization protocols are managed by Google.

In other words, we can never access the body or attachments of your emails. Learn more about Email Meter Security.
I have more questions!
No problem at all, please feel free to email all other questions and inquiries to

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