My WFH in Emails
Response Times
I replied 12% quicker during lockdown
COVID-19 Emails
I received 2046
COVID-19 related emails
Work/Life Balance
I sent 60% more emails outside my working hours
Received Emails
I received 35% less emails during lockdown

Discover how working from home changed your email habits

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My WFH in Emails - See how COVID-19 changed your email habits | Product Hunt
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How it works

We built Email Meter to help teams and individuals make sense of their email productivity. Changes in your life reflect in your email habits, so we've designed a special report to show you how COVID-19 affected your inbox.

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This allows us to create a report based on your inbox. We don't access any email body or attachments. Our security is audited by Google. Read more about our security policies here.
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We just need to know how long you’ve been working from home, and what your usual work hours are. This will allow us to compare any changes since lockdown began.
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Our algorithms compare how many emails you sent and received, how long you take to reply, who you contact the most and more, so you can see any changes before, during and after lockdown.
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Keep up your healthy work habits!

Understand your inbox, take action on what you’ve learnt and make sure you keep a healthy work-life balance while in lockdown. Keep yourself and your team happy and productive!

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