Unlock the potential of email analytics in your organization

Analyze your company’s email activity in one platform to optimize workflows, increase transparency and save time spent on email.

Trusted by OVER 10,000 DATA-DRIVEN companies

Get the full picture

Your company’s email activity tells an important story.
See it all with a wide range of metrics, insights and visualizations.

Solving problems for every team

From management to operations, Email Meter reveals insights that help every team in your company measure work and track progress.

Customer Support

Balance workload between agents and ensure customers aren’t kept waiting.


Track prospecting email volumes and make sure all leads are replied to quickly.


Keep your team’s work visible to manage resources thoughtfully.

Analyze delegated mailboxes

It can be hard to see how work happens in a delegated mailbox. Measure individual performance by monitoring agent workload, first response time or thread length. Easily see how current data compares to previous results.

Understand each segment

Break down your analysis filtering by any condition you want, such as custom labels, categories, folders or specific domains and addresses. You can also segment your users by team, location or timezone to get the exact information you need.

What will your email data teach you?

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Enterprise-grade security

Enjoy peace of mind with the security features, controls and compliance that you expect from an enterprise-grade platform. We employ industry-standard practices and organization controls to safeguard your data.

Data encryption in transit and at rest

Audited by a third party

Granular permission management

Full GDPR and CCPA compliance

Stored securely on Google Cloud Platform

Install once, track the inboxes you need

Onboard your entire company effortlessly. Sync your entire domain or a specific selection of users while respecting regulations and employee privacy.

Connect to your data stack

Analyze email data directly with the BI tool your team already uses by connecting directly to BigQuery. From there, answer valuable questions by combining email and productivity data with other sources your team trusts.

A plan to succeed at scale

Advanced permissions
Control who can manage and view your email dashboard with granular permissions.
Unlimited data history
See historical email data to understand the past, even before you used Email Meter.
Customizable dashboards
We work with you to create a dashboard suited to your exact needs.
Personalized onboarding
Our team will walk you through the setup with live demos and personalized training.
Dedicated success manager
You’ll have a single point of contact to ensure your team gets the most out of Email Meter.
Custom contracting
We’ll work with you to create a custom contract and payment via invoice/PO.

Email Meter is great to track our team’s day-to-day KPIs without changing the way we work. It’s great and requires zero effort.”

David Sherwood

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