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Get valuable insights from your team’s email activity in minutes.
All the analytics you need — packed in a single, easy to use platform.

Email analytics dashboard, including metrics such as email volume, email response times and team productivity


Collect data, understand insights and take action

Email Meter connects to your team’s mailboxes to give you the data and insights you need to make better decisions and drive positive change in your business.

“Before, we had an email blindspot. With Email Meter we were able to see what our team needed to do to improve our response times and increase efficiency.

Calli Grace

Fulfillment Merchant Manager, Shopify

1K+ companies use Email Meter to work more efficiently

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Payday HCM has reduced reponse times by 71% since they began using Email Meter, meaning less missed leads and unhappy customers.


The team at Fujifilm Mexico managed to reduce the number of emails sent outside of work hours by 16.5%, leading to reduced burnout and a happier team.


Entirety set up their whole Email Meter account and were measuring all vital KPIs with an implementation time of only 24 hours.

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For single mailboxes

Get detailed analytics and insights on all email activity, including response times, email volumes and more.

  • Understand your inbox and make improvements
  • Schedule daily, weekly or custom email reports delivered directly to your inbox
  • Export your reports to CSV for further analysis
Wide-range of email statisticsFilter your data to find what you need
Track your team's productivitySet up custom alertsTwo years of historical data

For teams and managers

Get real data on how your team members are performing against the rest of your team and industry benchmarks, so you can guide them based on real insights, not guesswork.

  • See the full picture of how your team is working and set goals based on real data
  • Receive email alerts so you never miss important changes in your KPIs and can take action immediately
  • Create accountability by giving your team access to their own email statistics

For enterprise

Empower everyone at your company to make data-driven decisions with the email statistics platform trusted by Fortune 500 companies.

  • Customized email statistics dashboard, tailored to your specific needs
  • Onboard your entire organization with domain-level installation through Google Workspace and Microsoft 365
  • Granular access management gives you full control of how data is stored, accessed and shared
Analyze individual productivity on shared mailboxesKeep track of email SLAsIntegrate with your BI stack

Secure and private,
exactly how it should be

Email Meter never reads or stores the body or attachments of your emails
We enable thousands of companies to analyze their email activity — and we’re dedicated to building something they can trust. To do this, we combine enterprise-grade security features with frequent audits and security certifications.
GDPR ready iconISO 27001 iconVerified by Google iconVerified by Google icon
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Data encryption in transit and at rest

Audited yearly by a third party

Granular permission management

SAML 2.0 and SSO capabilities

Stored securely on Google Cloud Platform

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That’s why our in-house team is always ready to hear what you need and work on a solution tailor-made for your needs.

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“We provided a detailed description of what we wanted to see — and the team at Email Meter just made it happen!

Brandy Davis

Technical Services Manager

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