Seamlessly Integrate Your Email Data with BigQuery

Unlock comprehensive insights with our versatile dataset, ready for any data warehouse or visualization tool

Transform Your Email Data into Actionable Insights

At Email Meter, we leverage the power of the Gmail API and Microsoft Graph API to fetch and process your email data. Our comprehensive dataset enables you to analyze response times, SLAs, email volumes, activity heatmaps, and more. We provide detailed documentation on the schema and a SQL guide to help you get started with the most critical metrics. Additionally, you can seamlessly integrate this dataset with other data sources and data warehouses for enhanced analysis.

A plan to succeed at scale

Email Data Collection
Seamlessly gather email data from Gmail and Microsoft 365.
Detailed Insights:
Track response times, SLAs, email volumes, and more.
BigQuery Integration
Access your data in BigQuery and integrate with any data warehouse for deeper analysis.
We provide documentation for you to quickly understand the schema and a SQL guide to get you stated

How It Works

  1. Schedule a Demo to get a free trial and pricing
  2. Install Application: Easily install domain-wide our application in your email marketplace
  3. Permissions: Select the mailboxes you want to track
  4. Signup or GCP and enble billing and BigQuery (see guide)
  5. Get access to Big Query dataset, or we provide you with a solution to integrate it with your data warehouse
  6. Start analyzing your data, we provide a guideline with SQLs to understand how to calculate your metrics

Compliance and certifications

The security of your data is our highest priority. With independent, third-party assurance, we are commited to protecting both our systems and your data.

ISO 27001

Email Meter is ISO 27001 certified, and has developed an ISMS adequate to SOC 2 Type 2 standards.

Audited yearly by Google

Email Meter is verified by Google, with a rigorous security audit conducted yearly by a third party.


Email Meter is fully compliant with GDPR & CCPA. We also strive for compliance in EU/US data regulations.

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