Outreach scaled their Support without losing their personal touch

By understanding how their Sales and Customer Service team were communicating, Outreach were able to send more prospecting emails, leading to more sales, as well as drastically cutting their response times.

By understanding how their Sales and Customer Service team were communicating, Outreach were able to send more prospecting emails, leading to more sales, as well as drastically cutting their response times.

Outreach is a company based in Colorado that provides a wide range of products and services for churches throughout the USA. From promotional products to films, trainings and websites, Outreach strives to provide high quality materials that offer the support that churches need.

One of the most important principles for Outreach is their personal service. Jamie Stahler, the VP of Sales, believes email is an effective way to drive a lasting relationship with their customers, and ensure their communication always incorporates a personal touch.


The management team at Outreach was interested in getting more visibility into how their Customer Service and Sales teams were performing. Jamie is a big-data enthusiast, and is used to creating his own dashboards to manage projects and balance his team’s resources.

Although email is the main channel his team uses to interact with the customers, he realized he didn’t have a way to track and analyze email data like he does for calls and sales. This led to prolonged response times, important conversations slipping through the cracks and, in general, a messy system that was hard to improve.


With their team dealing with more emails every month, it became apparent that they needed a solution to get visibility into their communications with customers. Jamie was drawn to Email Meter because he wanted to improve his team’s performance without changing their existing setup. He knew that he wanted to keep using email in order to preserve the human touch that differentiates their company from the competition.

Outreach adopted Email Meter mid-2020. Before using Email Meter, their understanding of the team’s performance was based on isolated data, assumptions and lots of instinct. With Email Meter, they can quickly see the response times and workload of the sales and customer service teams, which helps Jamie make decisions based on real data and distribute their resources appropriately.

The managers at Outreach have fully integrated Email Meter into their routine. They log into the tool weekly to get insight into how their team is doing, and proactively coach employees and set realistic goals based on the trends and data they see.

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Visibility that skyrockets efficiency

One of the goals of Outreach was to monitor outgoing volumes for their Sales Team. They wanted to make sure each Sales Representative was sending out a certain number of emails per week to their prospects, and they set individual goals based on past performance.

The Sales Manager at Outreach logs in periodically to gather stats for each rep on these volumes. From his dashboard, he has quick visibility of overall sales performance. Jamie says: “I like to use this data to prove to my team that when they send more emails, their sales numbers will go up! Email Meter makes it so easy to set realistic goals for them.

Since the beginning of 2021 Outreach has increased their sent email volume to external customers by 16.8% compared to last year, before using Email Meter.

Five-star customer service

When Jamie realized how Email Meter was helping his team stay on top of things, he decided to apply the same concept to his customer service team. He felt that response times would be the most insightful KPI for this team, as they are critical to making sure every customer feels valued.

Jamie used the historical data provided with Email Meter to determine a good KPI for his Customer Service team based on their past performance. He then monitors their goals weekly, in a similar way to the Sales Team.

Email Meter has cut down Outreach’s response time by 30.5% since January, and Jamie hopes to continue this trend every month.

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