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The 12 Best Workload Management Tools for 2022 (Free & Paid)

What is a Workload Management Tool?

A Workload Management Tool is used to track daily tasks, spread out workload or responsibilities, and plan how long term goals are to be achieved. They're vital to managing your team's work life effectively.

Most large companies rely on these types of software to help them track the daily tasks and responsibilities of their employees. So, which workload management tool is the best one for you?

1. Email Meter

Best for: Teams or individuals whose workload can be measured with emails

Email Meter is the leading email analytics solution, with a central function as a Workload Management Tool. By connecting directly to your team's inboxes, it automatically gives you a range of statistics for workload, allowing you to distribute your resources and predict trends.

Using a powerful suite of filters, you can find relevant insights for specific subject lines, recipients or team members. Benchmarking data allows you to compare yourself to other companies in the same industry or to other individuals with the same job role.

Email Meter Best Features:

  • Manage a team of any size, from just yourself to your entire large enterprise.
  • See workload of each team member, including in shared inboxes.
  • Instant installation for your whole domain.
  • Custom dashboards, with a large variety of workload metrics. Completely custom metrics can be created for your specific needs.

“When we went to remote work, we needed a tool that allowed a manager to see that emails were being sent and emails were being answered by our representatives. Using Email Meter allowed us to achieve oversight of this function of the job.”  Christ T. on Capterra

Email Meter Pricing:

  • Free forever. Individual metrics on a monthly basis.
  • Pro: 15$/month yearly payment ($180) or $19/month. Unlocks filtering, 2 years of past data and other advanced features.
  • Teams: 15$/user/month yearly ($180) or $19/user/month. An extension of Pro, adds the ability to see your whole team from a central dashboard, and generate full reports for any combination of team members.
  • Enterprise: Pricing dependent on needs. Unlocks the most powerful features, generally recommended for teams of 15+ members. Completely custom dashboards and metrics can be created for you upon request.

Try Email Meter for free! No credit card needed.

2. Float

Best for: Project-based teams such as agencies, consulting firms, IT services and architecture teams who need to allocate resources effectively.

Float is a collaborative resource management software for real-time project planning and task scheduling. It allows you to quickly schedule tasks with a real-time view of availability, including time off and public holidays. Managers can view their team's capacity and utilization at a glance to optimize assigned work. Float connects directly with project management, calendar, and communication workflows via integrations.

Float also includes inbuilt time tracking, which allows your team to log their hours. This then allows you to see how much time a project is taking compared to your predictions.

Time Tracking in Float with prefilled timesheets

Float Best Features:

  • Extremely intuitive scheduling of tasks, time remaining per week shown for each team member. 
  • Easy to create tasks, which can then automatically be spread out amongst members. 
  • See analytics for both tasks and team members.
  • Native team tracking is easy-to-use and provides vital insights.

“One dashboard, one overview of all resources and it integrates with our job creation tool which makes it super easy for timesheets. Moving jobs to other days is just a drag and drop away”. - Stephan L. on Capterra

Float Pricing

  • Try for free: Unlimited users for 30 days.
  • Resource Planning only: $7.50/user/month if billed monthly, or $6/user/month if billed yearly.
  • Resource Planning and Time Tracking: $12.50/user/month if billed monthly, or $10/user/month if billed yearly.
  • Plus Plan: Adds some extra features to your current plan for $7.50/user/month if billed monthly, or $6/user/month if billed yearly.


Best for: People with a wider range of needs. It has an intuitive interface and customization capabilities that make it suitable for any project or business.

Monday is a cloud-based, no-code and low-code framework. It consists of modular building blocks that allow customers to create software applications and work management tools.'s building blocks include items, columns, views, automations, integrations and widgets. It's real-time tracking module allows you to anticipate bottlenecks. You can also see your entire workflow at a glance with its timeline view and notification of due dates via emails.

Our Platform | Best Features:

  • Incredibly versatile—you can manage basically anything from Monday. It describes itself as a 'Work OS', meaning flexibility and intergration is a big part of it. 
  • Can be customized to fulfill most use cases, far beyond simple workload management. Has a visual-centered interface which is very easy to use. 
  • You can plan and track full projects, which you can then collborate on with your team members. Automation features allows you to have routine tasks taken care of by themselves. 
  • Has specific templates for specific industries such as Finance, Design/Creative or HR

"My team loves as it keeps us on the same page with projects and tasks, and helps us present our overall marketing calendar. We use it on a daily basis and it helps me keep my team of 8 organized and efficient". - Dora B. on Capterra Pricing:

  • Individual Plan: Free forever for up to 2 seats.
  • Basic Plan: $10/user/month if billed monthly, or $8/user/month if billed yearly.
  • Standard Plan: $12/user/month if billed monthly, or $12/user/month if billed yearly.
  • Pro Plan: $16/user/month if billed monthly, or $20/user/month if billed yearly.
  • Enterprise Plan: Pricing is available upon request by contacting their Sales team.

4. ClickUp

Best for: Teams looking for a good-looking and easy to use platform for project management, specifically sprints/kanbans.

ClickUp is a cloud-based collaboration and project management tool suitable for businesses of all sizes and industries. Features include communication and collaboration tools, task assignments and statuses, alerts and a task toolbar. Used by 800,000+ teams in companies like Airbnb, Google, & Uber, ClickUp brings all of your time management needs into a single app.

ClickUp™ | Personal and Team Project Management

ClickUp Best Features:

  • Multiple views allow for easy organization of projects and tasks. 
  • Simple kanban system means zero learning curve for new team members. 
  • Whiteboard feature allows you to create cool looking flowcharts for easy brainstorming of whole projects and epics. 
  • All of this is pulled into dashboards for analytics, so you can keep track of everything your team is doing from one central location. 
  • The in-built docs feature allows you to actually create content within the platform itself, cutting out switching to other services like Google Docs. 
  • Integrations allow you to bring in information from many other platforms. Hundreds of different pre-made automations.

I like how tasks are organized by status and how many columns are available for each work. Every day, I utilize ClickUp's time-tracking tool to estimate project completion dates, and I love how simple it is to organize tasks involving many different participants. - Melissa H. on Capterra

ClickUp Pricing

  • Individual Plan: Free forever.
  • Unlimited Plan: $9/user/month if billed monthly, or $5/user/month if billed yearly.
  • Business Plan: $19/user/month if billed monthly, or $12/user/month if billed yearly.
  • Business Plus Plan: $29/user/month if billed monthly, or $19/user/month if billed yearly.
  • Enterprise Plan: Pricing is available upon request by contacting their Sales team.

5. Trello

Best for: Teams looking for a company-wide kanban platform with many use cases, great for teams with many different projects ongoing at the same time.

Trello is a very popular tool, used to manage tasks for individuals and teams. Using boards, you can assign and track responsibilities, it also boasts some robust analytics. It's one of the leaders in the industry and has a great reputation. In one glance, Trello tells you what's being worked on, who's working on what, and where something is in a process.


Trello Best Features:

  • Create boards from scratch or choose from a huge template gallery with different boards for tons of different use-cases.
  • Calendar and board view switching allows for easy organization of things like content and marketing calendars, avoiding confusion about when things are due.
  • You can create multiple boards to organize different teams, calendars and departments.
  • Easy to use color-coded label system makes it super easy to keep track of different aspects of a project.
  • Great free plan, lots included free of charge.

Trello is very easy to customize and use. Users can quickly pick up on how to use it. It's a great choice for small production or marketing teams. I like how easy it is to customize and personalize for my team. - Amber S. on Capterra

Trello Pricing

  • Free: Free forever for your whole team, up to 10 different boards.
  • Standard: $6/user/month if billed monthly, or $5/user/month if billed yearly. Unlimited Boards.
  • Premium: $12.50/user/month if billed monthly, or $10/user/month if billed yearly.
  • Enterprise: Pricing is available upon request by contacting their Sales team.

6. Asana

Best for: Teams looking for an easy to use platform with a focus on a great UI and easy monitoring of whole projects from one place.

Asana is a platform for collaboration and workload management, allowing your team to manage projects and tasks from one central place. Orchestrate all your work, from daily tasks to strategic initiatives. Teams can create, assign tasks to the relevant teammates, set deadlines and leave comments. From lists to boards, calendars, and gantt charts, it's easy to get more done.


Asana Best Features:

  • Very nicely design UX, allows you to intuitively see what needs to be done next for yourself and members of your team.
  • The timeline feature is an improvement on the standard calendar feature, it helps to see the whole project from a birdseye perspective and make sure that deadlines are not missed.
  • In-depth reports and analytics allow for deep dives when tracking progress and finding problems.
  • The automation feature really benefits from the simplicity of the UI, making it even easier to automate tasks.
  • The work requests feature really stands out: using Forms, other members of the team can request work which needs to be done from each other, giving their needs up front and cutting down on back-and-forth communication.

"The simplicity of use and especially the fact that it is quite easy to have an overview of your tasks when you work on multiple projects at the same time. Moreover, the free version is not too limiting". - Richard B. on Capterra

Asana Pricing

  • Free: Basic plan is free forever for your whole team.
  • Premium: $13.49/user/month if billed monthly, or $10.99/user/month if billed yearly.
  • Business: $30.49/user/month if billed monthly, or $24.99/user/month if billed yearly.
  • Enterprise: Pricing is available upon request by contacting their Sales team.

7. Wrike

Best for: Diverse teams with a need for broad customization features, who want to use a trusted played who's been in the game for 16 years.

Wrike is a workload management tool which allows users to track and coordinate projects. They boast a simple UX/UI which they also claim is powerful enough for more advanced users. Create a streamlined digital workplace with custom request forms, Kanban boards, Gantt charts, time tracking and more. Integrate with 400+ applications to automate your everyday processes. Customize workflows and reduce the need for emails, meetings, status updates and more.

Wrike Screenshots: A Visual Guide To Project Management Features -

Wrike Best Features:

  • Fullly customizable for any use case or different team.
  • Allows for file sharing and the visual checking of documents from within the platform itself.
  • Prebuilt templates specific for your industry or team speeds up deployment.
  • Custom request forms allows your team to collaborate and assign each other tasks easily.
  • Allows for the automation of the approval process, something which is often the slowest part of the work process.
  • In-depth analytics and a wide range of intergrations.

"Using Wrike has helped us keep our teams on the same page when it comes to complicated projects and tasks. It has helped us integrate the product with our agile processes, manage our sprints, and generate bespoke dashboards and reporting". - Shayla B. on Capterra

Wrike Pricing

  • Free: Free forever for your whole team.
  • Professional: $9.80/user/month, billed monthly.
  • Business: $24.80/user/month, billed monthly.
  • Enterprise: Pricing is available by contacting their Sales team.

8. Eylean Board

Best for: Teams looking for simple and easy to use solution which is still powerful enough for their more complex needs.

Eylean Board is a simple Agile-based project management solution designed for organizations looking to visualize and simplify their processes. Eylean Board's project management tool is highly adaptable and can be fully customized to fit your organization's work processes. An integrated environment for managing projects across all stages—from initial concept to realization and delivery—makes using Eylean a breeze, while the intuitive user interface makes it easy to track and manage your productivity, progress and workload.

Building Your Next Sprint With Eylean Board - Eylean Blog

Eylean Best Features:

  • Very simple and intuitive kanban board, great for teams just starting out with Agile methodologies.
  • In-built scrum board, gantt charts and burndown charts allows for easy tracking of your sprints, projects and epics.
  • Native time tracking to stay ontop of how long your team is spending on each task.
  • Range of customizable templates allow you to get started easily.
  • Percent-complete time-tracking lets you see everything come together.

"Efficient use of screen space, make larger boards to be visible and readable. Absence of unnecessary nice-to-have functionalities makes the work easier." - Simonas S. on Capterra

Eylean Board Pricing

  • No free plan available.
  • Standard: $9.99/user/month, billed monthly. For teams of 5-24.
  • Business: $24.80/user/month, billed monthly. For teams of 25-50.
  • Enterprise: Pricing is available by contacting their Sales team. For teams of 50+.

9. Toggl Plan (previously known as Teamweek)

Best for: Perfect for small and medium size teams who want a simple and easy to use solution which looks great.

Toggl Plan is a simple digital workplace tool for remote and in-office teams to manage projects and workloads. Small and medium-sized teams that need a simple work management tool to manage projects and workloads. A simple interface makes Toggl Plan suitable for a variety of businesses and project teams. Plan your projects visually with a timeline and Gantt charts. Easily see what needs to be done, by whom, and when. Change up plans at any time with the simple drag-and-drop interface.

Navigation and Key Features - Toggl Plan Help Center

Toggl Plan Best Features:

  • Timeline based boards focus on keeping everything delivered on time.
  • Drag-and-drop based visual timelines are simple to use.
  • Emphasis on making deadlines and milestones are visual as possible, to make keeping track easy.
  • See your whole team's schedule at a glance to get an idea of how much work everyone has.
  • Clients and other external stakeholders can invited as guests to keep track of how a project is progressing.

"I work hourly for clients so having a time feature on tasks is beneficial for me so that I can make estimations on my tasks and help plan my day(s). It's really easy to set up and re-schedule tasks and I utilise that Kanban view." - Stuart K. on Capterra

Toggl Plan Pricing

  • No Free plan available, only 2 week free trial.
  • Team: $9/user/month if billed monthly, or $8/user/month if billed yearly.
  • Business: $15/user/month if billed monthly, or $13.35/user/month if billed yearly.

10. Podio

Best for: Extreme flexibility makes it perfect for any team who wants to adapt it to their needs.

Podio is a cloud collaboration software that aims to structure most aspects of your business. It focuses on being as malleable as possible to fit any business. Podio speeds communication and provides the transparency and accountability needed for efficient teamwork, by enabling people to organize and track work in one easy-to-use place.

Online project management software - Citrix Podio

Podio Best Features:

  • Customizable views ensure you only see what's relevant when you want a top-level view of your team's progress.
  • Everything is searchable, making it very easy to find anything you need quickly.
  • Extensions/add-ons allow you to expand Podio to match your use case. API allows you to develop apps and create custom intergration.
  • In-depth 'Feature Index' page gives you full details of everything Podio can do, before you even sign up—this is clearly a very transparent company.

"Podio is like a canvas that comes blank and can be as deep as your imagination goes. It's extremely customizable and that makes it more than viable to any organization. It's a platform that can go in any direction you need, you just have to learn javascript to get it's full potential." - Jorge L. on Capterra

Podio Pricing

  • Free: Free forever for your team up to 5 users.
  • Basic: $9/user/month if billed monthly, or $7.20/user/month if billed yearly.
  • Plus: $14/user/month if billed monthly, or $11.20/user/month if billed yearly.
  • Premium: $24/user/month if billed monthly, or $19.20/user/month if billed yearly.

11. ProofHub

Best for: Versatile features adapt to any team, and the extremely competitive flat-fee princing makes this an attractive offer for almost any team.

ProofHub is a project management tool that helps teams plan, organize, collaborate, and execute projects in a centralized location. It offers a suite of tools that enable users to streamline work. Users can have multiple views (Gantt chart, table view, board view) of their projects for greater clarity on work. Managers can track projects and team members across various industries.

ProofHub Review | PCMag

ProofHub Best Features:

  • Review and approve documents from within the platform.
  • Powerful but simple granular task control. In-built time tracking and request forms.
  • Ability to assing a 'Project Manager' who can help keep everyone accountable, receiving notifications of any missed deadlines from within the team.
  • Group chats, notes and mentions allow for seamless communication between teams, all within the platform itself.

"The Discussions and Notes feature makes collaboration during group brainstorming sessions very effective. Once we combine that with direct instant messaging and group chats, it creates the perfect blend between collaboration and communication management to ensure optimal team productivity." - Alhassan A. on Capterra

ProofHub Pricing

  • No free plan available.
  • Essential: $50/user/month flat rate if billed monthly, or $45/user/month flat rate if billed yearly.
  • Ultimate Control: $99/user/month flat rate if billed monthly, or $89/user/month flat rate if billed yearly, both sale prices (normally $150).

12. Accelo

Best for: Very deep list of features allows for huge amount of control, Accelo is perfect for advanced teams who want a powerful tool.

Accelo helps you win clients, create profitable sales pipelines, and predict growth by streamlining sales activities. Their CRM automatically tracks and shares contact emails, attachments, appointments, notes, and custom fields for context at a glance. You can save time by converting your winning proposals into client projects and with automated task assignments, time tracking, and billing.


Accelo Best Features:

  • Project and performance date is tied directly with profits and other financial data, allowing you to see the real-life effect of how your team is managed.
  • Client communications are intergrated into the platform itself.
  • Powerful reporting and forecasting makes predicting future work and scaling your business as easy as it can be.
  • Automation is very powerful and easy to use.
  • Billing portal is extremely useful.

"Accelo provides a CRM, sales funnel, statements of work (quoting), active work (projects and ongoing), time tracking and invoicing -- all in one fully integrated platform. The tool is quite user-friendly if set up properly for your business." - Susie S. on Capterra

Accelo Pricing

  • No free plan available.
  • Plus: $30/user/month if billed monthly, or $24/user/month if billed yearly. Minimum 5 users.
  • Premium: $49/user/month if billed monthly, or $39/user/month if billed yearly. Minimum 5 users.

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