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Email Meter For Outlook and Microsoft 365

At Email Meter we’ve been working for a long time toward a common goal. To help you increase productivity, reduce stress and understand how your inbox could be affecting your work. Since launching in 2010 we’ve been growing exponentially, recently hitting 85,000 inboxes worldwide.

Now we’re happy to announce we’ve just hit our next big milestone. We now support Outlook and Microsoft 365 for Email Meter Enterprise!

Bringing email insights to 500 million more people

Born from our parent company, Shuttlecloud, starting with Gmail was a natural step for us. Shuttlecloud was already handling migration services for Gmail, so we had a lot of knowledge at our disposal to build something great.

As we grew and more people discovered the benefits of understanding their inboxes, so did the demand from Outlook users. It quickly became our number one requested feature, and we knew we couldn’t leave them waiting any longer.

All the insights from Email Meter Enterprise, now for your team’s Outlook inbox

Whether you’re a Sales team looking to understand their response time to leads, a Support team who want to ensure they have enough agents for busy periods, a CEO who needs to know which contacts are taking up the most of their time… there’s already a wide range of industries, job roles and use cases we work with to deliver usable, simple insights. With easy-to-use dashboards and an experienced team on-hand to build any custom insight you need, the years of experience which have led us to this point are at your disposal with Email Meter.

Along with all the same metrics you know and love, we’re also offering support for Categories (the equivalent of labels in Gmail) and delegated mailboxes. No matter your use case, we’ll explore a solution for you!

What Email Meter Enterprise can bring to your Microsoft 365 inbox

  • Understand your email volume. Want to know who sends the most emails in your team? Who’s getting swamped? Or what your busiest time of the day is? We’ve got metrics to cover everything moving in and out of your inbox.
  • Know your response times. In a world where everyone wants an immediate answer, taking too long can be costly. By setting reply time goals and keeping track of them, you can make sure your replies are lightning fast. No more leads slipping away or customers churning when their problem takes too long to be resolved.
  • Don’t change a thing about how you work. Keeping your team inbox organized with Categories? We can track that. Have multiple team members using the same inbox? Get stats for each individual team member, for the inbox as a whole, or anything in between.
  • Custom insights to track any need. We’ve built metrics for hundreds of use cases, so no matter what insight you need for your team, we’ve got you covered. Our engineers are experts in their field, and can quickly build exactly what you need.

Ready to bring a smarter way of working to your Outlook or Microsoft 365 team inbox?

We’re thrilled to be able to offer the number one email analytics solution to a whole new world of people.

Jump in a quick call to get things moving, and we’ll have you set up in no time!

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