Features & Updates

Heatmaps, Day-by-Day Activity and More Detailed Top Interactions!

We've just launched an update to Email Meter!

Firstly, we've swapped our old Messages by Day and Messages by Hour metrics for 2 more intuitive and informative metrics:

Busiest Hours

This allows you to see how busy each hour of your day is on average throughout the report period, meaning you can hone in on those busiest hours where you need to assign more people to your inbox, or see when you're at your most productive!

Hover over any hour to see the specific numbers for that hour.

Sent and Received by Day

These two charts plot your activity day by day, showing you each day of your report period and allowing you to see any spikes in incoming emails or lulls in productivity.

Great for seeing how any events over the month (or any other report period) have affected workload or productivity, as well as for any measures taken, like new hires or changes in workflow. We've also split the messages figure given in our Top Interactions metric, meaning you can now see both sent and received, as well as allowing you to see these figures for all of your contacts in Premium!

Perfect for pairing Best Contact Times with Gmail's new email scheduling feature.... but that's for another post😉

Lastly, we've added tooltips to our metrics which give a quick explanation of what each measures and how, as well as a link to a Help Centre article for each - but if you have any questions at all, please feel free to get in touch with the chat bubble in Email Meter or by emailing us at hello@emailmeter.com!