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How to be more productive in Gmail today with 4 simple tools

There are a number of tools out there that can be used to improve your Gmail experience. We use a few of these on a daily basis, which helps us to manage our inboxes better, reply faster and better prioritize what needs to be done. Here's a list of 4 tools you can use in addition to the standard Gmail client, which you might be interested in adding to your arsenal!

Tasks in Gmail

I started using Tasks in Gmail after forgetting to respond to an important email. Simple and easy to use, Tasks allows you to create a to-do list from your inbox. You use specific email threads as items on your to-do list, which you can then rename, add notes to, or set a deadline for.

My incoming tasks often arrive as email requests from clients and co-workers. This means Tasks and Gmail integrate , and there was 0 learning curve.


Grammarly is like a spellchecker on steroids. It's an extension to correct grammar, spelling, and style mistakes in your writing. It works by checking for mistakes in real time as you type.  It also makes suggestions to make your writing more clear, articulate, and concise. It looks at sentence length and structure, active vs passive voice, and other factors.

It's not just about catching typos or grammatical errors. It's about helping you improve the clarity of your writing — making sure you're getting your message across effectively.


I use Calendly to make scheduling  meetings easy for everyone involved. Instead of back-and-forth emails trying to find a time, it allows people to book time with me directly. When they book time, it's sent straight to my Google Calendar.

I set up a few different types of meetings that they can choose from:

- A quick 15 minute check in

- A 30 minute meeting

- A 60 minute meeting to discuss something specific

Some meetings are available publicly, and others aren't. For example, I share my 15 minute meeting link with everyone, but if I want to schedule a longer meeting with someone, I send them the link privately. You can do this with any type of meeting you create.

Email Meter Add-on

The Email Meter Add-on shows me information about all my threads and contacts. I use it to see the best contact time for whoever I'm emailing. It calculates best contact time by looking at when that person was most likely to email me in the past. This way, I schedule my email to arrive when they are checking their inbox and before it's buried by other emails.

What extra tools do you use? Are these useful for your workflow? We'd love to hear your suggestions or experiences! Reach out to us at

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