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New: See your Top Senders and Top Receivers

I try to speak with every user that signs up to Email Meter.

That's why we send a simple onboarding email asking them about their goals and challenges. Of course only a fraction reply to that email (about an impressive 4% at this moment!) but we usually get really sincere replies.

Something I've been seeing a lot in those conversations is quite similar to this:

  • "I need to understand who is clogging my inbox"
  • "I want to promote better internal communication routines to my employees by showing them how many emails they send to me"
  • "If I could see a list of clients and how much work they generate that would be super valuable"

We added this onto our roadmap, and we're quite happy to share an update that makes all of that information available today in your report:

What's new on Email Meter's Top Interactions?

  • 📇 All addresses are now included: Before this update, we were excluding non-mutual interactions. This is quite helpful for Top Received messages, where you can see who sends you the most emails!
  • 📊 A new chart for Interactions: Easily understand how much overall volume a certain address or domain is generating in your inbox.
  • And lots of minor visual tweaks, for better reading on all devices.

Table showing the latest version of Top Interactions for Email Meter
These are the addresses that I sent the most emails to. This way I can focus on improving my response time with each contact 🤔 1d 5h is too much!

As always, it works with your past reports too!

We're quite happy to share this update – It works great with the unlimited data available in Premium. Find more information here.

➡️ Click here to view your updated Email Meter Report👩‍💻

If you have any question about Email Meter, feel free to reach out at hello@emailmeter.com

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