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8 Reasons You Need to Start Hiring Remotely

Remote working arrangements are an increasingly popular form of employment. Employers want the option of hiring remote workers for a variety of reasons, ranging from the obvious perk of allowing them to hire top talent from wherever they may be, to the allure of major cost savings on office space, infrastructure and health insurance. But why is building a remote team the best choice?

1. It increases productivity

Working from home gives you more control over your environment and schedule, which can lead to higher productivity. You don't have to worry about running late for an appointment or getting stuck in traffic. It allows you to focus on what needs to be done without distractions and helps make sure that you get everything done on time. As long as you're organized and disciplined, working remotely will help boost your productivity tenfold.

2. You'll save money on office space and supplies

Instead of paying to rent a permanent office space and buy all the furniture, supplies, and other things needed to run it, you can keep your overhead low by using virtual meeting tools like Skype or Google Hangouts. The same goes for travel costs — if your team is scattered across different cities or even countries, you won't have to worry about booking flights or hotels for every employee who needs to attend an important meeting or conference call.

3. Your employees will be happier and feel more valued

A survey by mental health research website Tracking Happiness found that the ability to work remotely is positively correlated with employee happiness. Fully remote workers reported a happiness level roughly 20% higher than those who worked in the office 100% of the time.  

4. It opens you up to a larger pool of potential employees

It opens you up to a larger pool of potential employees. You can hire people who live in other states or countries and don't have to move to your location. That means you can hire more qualified people who wouldn't otherwise consider working for you if they had to relocate their family.

5. You can hire employees in other time zones

Remote workers can be your "secret weapon" when it comes to time zones — especially if your business is global. You might have someone who works during the day in Australia and someone who works during the night in the United States (or vice versa). This way, you'll never be short-staffed no matter what time zone you're in!

6. It makes your company more green and sustainable in the long run

The world is becoming increasingly aware of climate change and its effects on our planet. If your company hires remote workers, it will help reduce their carbon footprint. If everyone works from home, there will be less traffic on the roads, less pollution in the air and less noise pollution as well. In addition, there will be less need for offices because most people can easily work from their homes or wherever they want to.

7. You don’t have to worry about managing employees’ time

One of the most common challenges managers face is ensuring that their employees are working productively. In order to do this, you need to keep track of every minute of every day.

It can be quite a burden if you have a team of remote workers. You don’t know what they’re doing during work hours, let alone when they should be working and when they should be taking breaks.

But with a remote team, there are no such concerns. You don’t need to worry about them coming in late or leaving early — or even if they take their lunch break at the wrong time. You can focus on leading your team rather than monitoring their movements.

8. A diverse workforce will make your company stronger

The most successful companies are the ones that have a diverse workforce. Diversity is not only about race, gender and sexual orientation; it's also about location, age, culture, experience and education. A remote team can help you create a more inclusive work environment because it allows you to hire people from different backgrounds.

In summary

Working remotely is an excellent idea for companies that want to get ahead in today's world. The huge increase of remote workers was born from the COVID-19 pandemic, but even with the world finally heading out of this pandemic, the remote trend shows no slowing down. If you are a business owner (or aspire to be one someday) and haven't considered remote work for your team, now might be the time for a change.

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