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The 8 Best Team Management Tools For 2022 (Free & Paid)

Whether you're managing a small team or a large company, there are plenty of tools to help you out. These tools can be used to manage everything from tasks and projects to time management and employee performance. Check out our list of the best team management tools to find the right one for your business. 

1. Email Meter

Best for: Teams or individuals for who email forms an integral part of their role.

Email Meter is the leading email analytics solution. It provides companies with employee performance and productivity metrics such as workload and response times to help them make informed, data-driven decisions.

When used as a team management tool, it gives you clarity on where the work is going within your team. You can filter for any combination of team members, seeing full reports with in-depth insights. See who responds the slowest, or who is receiving the most emails from a particular client. 

Email Meter Best Features

  • Manage a team of any size, from a single inbox to a large enterprise.
  • No need to learn a new ticketing system—works on top of your current Gmail/Google workspace setup.
  • See the workload for each of your team members, including in shared inboxes.
  • Instant installation for your entire domain.
  • Fully customizable dashboards are available, or choose from a variety of useful pre-made metrics.

"When we went to remote work, we needed a tool that allowed a manager to see that emails were being sent and emails were being answered by our representatives. Using Email Meter allowed us to achieve oversight of this function of the job." - Chris T. on Capterra

Email Meter Pricing

  • Free forever. Individual metrics on a monthly basis.
  • Pro: 15$/month yearly payment ($180) or $19/month. Unlocks filtering, 2 years of past data and other advanced features.
  • Teams: 15$/user/month yearly ($180) or $19/user/month. An extension of Pro, adds the ability to see your whole team from a central dashboard, and generate full reports for any combination of team members.
  • Enterprise: Pricing dependent on needs. Unlocks the most powerful features, generally recommended for teams of 15+ members. Completely custom dashboards and metrics can be created for you upon request.

2. Slack

Best for: Quick and efficient chat-style communication between teams.

Slack is one of the most popular workplace communication platforms available. It gives you a seamless way to communicate within your team. Speak via groups, direct messages, voice calls and more. Its easy to use interface really encourages collaboration, and creates a spirit of community within your company. Essential if you’re still working remotely!

Slack Best Features

  • Create ‘Channels’ for a specific team/department (e.g. marketing) or topic (e.g. random or news).
  • Use ‘Huddle’ calls to jump in and out of voice chats, including with groups or screen sharing.
  • A huge number of automations and integrations allows you to really make Slack your own.
  • The use of ‘Threads’ within conversations keeps everything well organized..

“I use it for all manners of communication with my team - from quick huddles when we get stuck and need a rubber ducky moment, to bigger team meetings. We have groups for smaller teams to collaborate in, we have fun channels to blow off steam, and we even use it for the food train organization.” - Goran S. on Capterra

Slack Pricing

  • Free forever. Limited plan with 90 days of message history, good for trying Slack out.
  • Pro: $7.25/user/month if billed yearly, or $8.75/user/month if billed monthly. Unlimited message history and integrations.
  • Business+: $12.50/user/month if billed yearly, or $15/user/month if billed monthly. includes most advanced features and round-the-clock support from Slack.
  • Enterprise: Pricing available upon requests. Allows for large scale collaboration of up to 500,000 users, as well as HIPAA compliance.

3. Microsoft Teams

Best for: Any team who uses Office365 and other MS products.

The main competitor for Slack, Microsoft Teams fills a similar gap in your team. Organize your employees into teams and communicate with them in a chat format, also includes file sharing, video conferencing and more. While it’s a Microsoft product, it supports macOS, IOS and Android.

Microsoft Teams Best Features

  • Powerful video conferencing features, including ‘Together Mode’ which seeks to replicate being together as closely a possible. The video focuses on faces and claims to help you pick up on non-verbal cues.
  • Integrates with all MS products, including Word, Powerpoint and Excel.
  • Built-in webinar tools means Teams is the most powerful tool for hosting webinars, including customized registration pages and the ability to keep up to 1,000 attendees informed with custom emails.
  • Focused spaces give your team a place to share what they need to complete the task at hand, making it easy to collaborate.
  • Teams Phone allows you to make phone calls, so you can avoid third-party call software.

“I use this product daily for my day job. Each day I attend a minimum of one or two meetings on MS Teams. It is great for hosting conferences and bringing people from around the world together. It is also great for one one one or group calls. I belong to several teams that host their info on MS Teams. It is great to have such a powerful tool.” - Scott G. on Capterra

Microsoft Teams Pricing

  • Free: Limited plan allowing unlimited chat and up to 5 GB of storage for each user.
  • Essentials: $4/user/month, billed yearly. Less limitations on calls and 10 GB of storage.
  • Business Basic: $6/user/month, billed yearly. Unlocks the suite of collaborative apps.
  • Business Basic: $12.50/user/month, billed yearly. Unlocks webinar hosting.
  • Business Basic: $22/user/month, billed yearly. Advanced security and data control.

4. Linear

Best for: Small teams looking for a simple and easy-to-use issue tracking tool.

Linear is an issue tracking platform, allowing teams to run sprints and stay on top of tasks. Powerful yet easy to use, it’s a welcome addition to any team who want to stay organized with minimum effort.

Linear Best Features

  • Instant notifications help your whole team to stay on track. Assign issues to everyone who needs to be involved, and everyone will be kept up to date with any changes.
  • Simple UI, easy to use editing for issue descriptions and an intuitive system for adding links, including automatic previews of Figma and other files.
  • Cycles and Projects allow you to organize your work and keep all stakeholders in involved.
  • Track the entire progress of your work with an integrated Roadmap feature, setting goals and important deadlines for the whole team to follow.
  • Triage feature gives your team a place to take action on the most important issues when they come up.

“That's the best issue tracker/project management tool I've ever used. First time I enjoy using such a tool. First time it doesn't feel like a hassle. Thank you Linear!” - Nicolas Grilly on Product Hunt

Linear Pricing

  • Free forever. Unlimited users, maximum 500 issues and 10MB file upload size.
  • Standard: $8/user/month if billed yearly, or $10/user/month if billed monthly. Unlimited file upload size and issues.
  • Plus: $12/user/month if billed yearly, or $15/user/month if billed monthly. Adds advanced auth controls and third-party app management.
  • Enterprise: Pricing available upon request.

5. Notion

Best for: Teams looking for a versatile platform to store company knowledge and docs.

Notion is an all-in-one solution for note management, team collaboration, project management and docs. It’s highly customizable and makes it easy to bring together all the knowledge your team needs in one easy-to-use place.

Notion Best Features

  • With a mix of docs, communication and project management, it’s a great all-in-one solution for many problems you’ll face as a team.
  • Well organized and comprehensive features for creating a company wiki, great for onboarding new hires and keeping workflows within reach for everyone.
  • A wide range of templates and integrations makes it quick to get started with whatever you need.

“I have tried too many note-taking apps, but Notion is unique, it allows me to manage my entire life, and it provides me a value that some other paid apps can not provide, I use it on a daily basis.” - Fady H. on Capterra

Notion Pricing

  • Personal. Free for individuals. Share with up to 5 guests. Unlimited pages/blocks.
  • Personal Pro: $4/user/month if billed yearly, or $5/user/month if billed monthly. Unlimited file uploads and guests.
  • Team: $8/user/month if billed yearly, or $10/user/month if billed monthly. Unlimited team members.
  • Enterprise: Pricing available upon request, adds most powerful features including  advanced security controls and SAML SSO.

6. GitHub

Best for: Software developers and those who work with them.

GitHub is a developer platform for software developers, allowing for work management and version control. A golden standard for many in the industry, it has a huge registry of ready-to-use code to save time.

GitHub Best Features

  • As a technical platform geared towards developers, it’s a little more complex but very powerful.
  • Collaborative coding environment allows you to see all important changes immediately.
  • Powerful automation features, including a catalog of community actions to get your automations set up quicker.
  • Great as a project management tool, allowing you to track feature requests, issues, bugs and much more.

“GitHub has such a rich feature set that enables teams to build software from planning to building all on one platform.” - Matt R. on Capterra

GitHub Pricing

  • Free forever. A very powerful free plan.
  • Team: $44/user/year, currently running an offer for $44/user/year for the first year.
  • Enterprise: $252/user/year, currently running an offer for $231/user/year for the first year.

7. Zoho Workplace

Best for: Teams looking for an all in one solution with a focus on mail and file sharing.

Zoho Workplace is a suite of apps created to cover all workplace needs in one place. Email, file management, CRM and much more, it’s a place to bring your whole team together. They claim to foster four pillars: Context, Continuity, Convenience and Collaboration.

Zoho Workplace Best Features

  • Full suite of office tools including word processor, spreadsheets and presentations.
  • File drive and meeting tools allow your whole team to stay connected and share important files.
  • Communications features include instant messaging, email and even a social media platform for your organization!
  • Dashboard is fully customizable, so can set it up for the exact specifications of your team.

“Zoho Connect is being used in our organization to improve communication and team performance. The simple yet dynamic way in which it allows us to distribute information, interact with third parties and even share relatively heavy documents has made it one of the most used collaboration tools in our organization, which we have also successfully complemented with the other Zoho tools we currently use.” - Melissa L. on G2

Zoho Workplace Pricing

  • Personal. Free for individuals. Share with up to 5 guests. Unlimited pages/blocks.
  • Standard: $3/user/month if billed yearly, or $4/user/month if billed monthly. 30GB mail storage and 10GB file storage.
  • Professional: $6/user/month if billed yearly, or $7/user/month if billed monthly. 100GB mail storage and 100GB file storage.

8. Scoro

Best for: Teams looking for a solution focused on billable hours and time tracking.

An all-in-one solution, it offers project & task management, time management, sales, billing, and automation. With such a wide scope, it enables your teamwork without having to switch between tools.

Scoro Best Features

  • Time management feature is built to help you understand how much your team’s time is worth, including the ability to distinguish between billable and non-billable hours.
  • A powerful real-time Gantt chart helps you to quickly adapt to any changes in your projects, while keeping everyone up to date.
  • Profitability and budget tracking helps keep everything in perspective.
  • Preset project templates and automations allows you to streamline your projects.
  • Full-featured CRM which includes billing features.

“I appreciate keeping track of the time required to complete recurring tasks. Conveniently, Scoro displays regular tasks with their due dates, so I am always aware of my tasks and make sure they are completed. Projects and billing have also become much more efficient since we began using Scoro, which has significantly impacted our ability to complete tasks quickly and efficiently.” - Grace Y. on G2

Scoro Pricing

  • Essential: $19/user/month if billed yearly, or $22/user/month if billed monthly. Minimum 5 users. Includes task list, calendar and more.
  • Team: $29/user/month if billed yearly, or $33/user/month if billed monthly. Minimum 5 users. Adds Gantt charts, time tracking and more.
  • Pro: $49/user/month if billed yearly, or $55/user/month if billed monthly. Minimum 5 users. Adds project budget, billable time tracking and more.
  • Ultimate: Pricing available upon request, adds most powerful features including SSO, unlimited custom fields and more.

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