Unusual Sounds: The Email Meter Office Playlist Vol. 1

Midweek is here and motivation can begin dropping a tad bit, so we've decided to share the fruit of a Slack channel we created to share music between us.

We will be posting a selection of the music we've been enjoying in the office for you guys to enjoy!

We have eclectic tastes here in the Email Meter office so you can expect a little bit of everything.

Kicking off volume 1 of Unusual Sounds, we have...

Fantastic Man - William Onyeabor

Following a discussion of our shared love of African disco, funk and psychedelic music, and an amusing anecdote about an island where a shipment of synths washed up from a shipwreck, this absolute gem came up!

No matter how your Wednesday may be looking right now, I'm not sure how it's possible to not be smiling listening to that synth :-)

Bombay - El Guincho

With producer credits on Rosalía's sophomore album El Mal Querer, El Guincho is already pretty much established as a musical genius (think Spanish Animal Collective with calypso samples).

After some discussion about contemporary Spanish music and how our colleague Tena had seen Rosalía live before she was super famous, his name came up and we all agreed that this belonged on our playlist.

Rings of Saturn - TOPS

Oh Canada - You gave us Mac Demarco, you gave us HOMESHAKE, you gave us Men I Trust (all office favorites)...

TOPS fall in a similar vein of music but with their own distinct sound. Rings of Saturn was the first song I heard by them and I've been obsessed ever since (COME BACK TO MADRID ASAP).

Check out their entire discography if you haven't already.

The Krokodile - King Krule

Finishing off with a classic from a few years back by one of our favorite artists from South London, Archy Marshall AKA King Krule AKA Edgar the Beatmaker AKA Edgar the Breathtaker AKA DJ JD Sports AKA Zoo Kid, he truly is a musical prodigy with a crazy varied style - this is one of his more upbeat songs, but everything he makes is worth checking out nonetheless!

So plug your headphones in, open that inbox and get through it!

See you soon! 😉

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