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Using Gmail Scheduling and our Best Contact Times to get your email seen first!

Following the launch of the scheduling feature in Gmail and G Suite, you can now set the time when you would like an email to be sent - but why would you want to do this?

Why not send everything immediately, surely the sooner the better?

Actually, when you consider the number of emails which a person can receive in a day, there is a window of opportunity when they are actually looking at their inbox and actively writing emails, and anything outside of this will not be seen immediately.

If you can email this contact within that time frame, they will see your email as it arrives, and it'll be more likely to be opened before being buried under other emails.

This is the basis for our Best Contact Time metric, which is displayed in both our Top Interactions table and in our Gmail Add-on. We look at the time when a contact tends to email you, and consider this time range to be when they are most likely checking their emails - meaning that you if you can get your email to their inbox in this time, they will most likely see it immediately.

There's two parts to getting this boost in responsiveness from your contacts:

Each contact who you have back-and-forth email contact with will have a Best Contact Time figure, which you can find either by opening your Email Meter report and scrolling to the Top Interactions chart at the bottom:

Or you can also find the same Best Contact Time in our Email Meter Add-on (install here), in the profile of each individual sender within a thread:

Make a note of the time for the contact who you wish to email, go to your Gmail/G Suite interface, and write your email.

Once written, use the arrow next to the blue "Send" button to bring up the scheduling option:

Click Schedule send and you will be given some options for when to send, click "Pick date & time" to input the time at which you want the email to be sent:

Choose a time which falls within the time range given in Best Contact Time, and your email will be Scheduled to be sent at the best possible time!

This can be a great way to avoid those long waits for replies, or to make sure your sales outreach email or other important email doesn't end up at the bottom of someone's weekend email pile.

People will often work backwards through their pending emails so it can be the difference between getting a Monday morning reply or a Wednesday evening one!