Supercharge your email productivity

Email Meter is your email productivity assistant. It helps you spend less time on email — and more on the things that really matter.

Quick setup

Just connect your email and start analyzing your productivity in minutes — it’s that easy.

No more email chaos

Too much email kills focus. Analyze your inbox and prioritize what’s important.

Safe and secure

Email Meter never reads your email body or attachments. It doesn't have access to them.

Everything you need to improve your email habits

There is a fix to “OMG, so many emails!” — With clear and easy-to-read reports, we bring together everything you need to stay organized and build better email habits.

Get started in less than 10 seconds

Email Meter works with Gmail and Google Workspace accounts.

Insights to answer any question

Email Meter shines light on your inbox so you can understand how you work and take action.


Create your own metrics

Track exactly what’s relevant to you, and stay informed of when you need to take action.

Understand how long you actually spend on email

Looking for a better work-life balance? Maybe more time for deep work?

Discover which hours you send and receive more emails — so you can understand your daily flow, work on getting rid of bad habits and build healthier ones.

Discover who’s cluttering your inbox

Who emails you the most? Unwanted emails can disrupt your focus when you need it elsewhere.

See who contacts you the most. Start unsubscribing from annoying newsletters and identify your most time-consuming contacts, so you can keep your inbox clutter-free.

Choose the perfect plan for your needs

Basic email statistics to keep track of your personal email productivity.
  1. Basic Email Statistics
  2. Monthly & Weekly Reports
  3. Response Time Metrics
  4. Top Interactions
$0 Forever
Complete email statistics and reporting for a single mailbox.
Everything in Free plus:
  1. Advanced Filters
  2. 2 Years of Data
  3. Custom Metrics & Alerts
Powerful solution for teams looking to monitor more than one mailbox.
Everything in Pro plus:
  1. Monitor Up To 15 Mailboxes
  2. Team Performance Reports
  3. Individual Member Reports