Avery Dennison improved customer experience by finding weak spots

This Fortune 500 company needed email statistics throughout their whole company. With a custom Email Meter dashboard, they spotted unseen problems and improved internal processes to save hours of work every week.

Avery Dennison is a Fortune 500 manufacturing company providing a wide range of products to customers all over the world. With no company-wide way to collect email statistics, they needed a custom solution to bring analytics to all parts of their organization, allowing them to provide the best possible experience for all their customers.

Without a “brick and mortar” storefront, their customer relationships are managed entirely via their Customer & Technical Excellence Teams and their Sales Teams. Almost all customer communications flow through email, meaning it is a vital part of the experience of all their customers.


Despite email being such an important part of their business, they did not have a clear picture of how their various teams handled email. With no way to understand what their customers experienced, Management knew they were dealing with a glaring blind spot. Despite their best efforts, internal attempts at collecting data just weren’t giving them what they needed—these attempts did however allow them to identify what email statistics they wanted to know.

Most importantly, they knew they needed a uniform process to collect email metrics, which they could standardize across all teams. They wanted answers to the following questions:

  • How can we start tracking email statistics?
  • How exactly will those email metrics be calculated?  
  • What customer-centric email metrics can we use?
  • How can we ease the process of reviewing the statistics we get?
  • Can we set-up different levels of access to the data?

Avery Dennison knew what they wanted, but it was hard to find a partner who could give them data without trying to force their processes into entirely new platforms, like a helpdesk or a CRM. They wanted to keep using their email as normal, and pull analytics from on top of this.


It was at this point that they found Email Meter, who worked alongside them to create a fully customized email analytics dashboard, encapsulating their specific workflows and providing standardized KPIs for use across their organization.

They can now:

  • Closely track and visualize volume by teams
  • See response time calculations
  • Know who their high touch customers are
  • Break down contributions by individual team members
  • Understand thread lengths and analyze labels

This finally gave them much needed insights, and with that the ability to monitor and improve their customer experience.

Average Team Response Time
Average Customer Wait Time
Average Thread Length

Avery Dennison team leaders now start their day by checking the dashboard as a part of their daily improvement meetings. Three main areas of progress that they’ve noticed are the following:

Determining Bottlenecks

Avery Dennison had specific needs when it came to measuring response time, not only directly to customers, but for the internal communications that external response times depend on. Their Response Time page included many unique metrics to help them determine where the bottlenecks were in their support process.

The custom Response Time page shows managers the exact metrics they needed

Workload Analysis

Using their custom Delegated Inboxes page, it was easy to see which inboxes were overloaded and who was taking on the brunt of the work. They were then able to successfully distribute work between teams and in turn improve the customer experience.

Investigating Threads

They discovered which internal processes caused high-effort, multi-touch email threads—leading to review and improvement of those processes. This was made possible by the Thread Analysis page in the dashboard to determine which topics were consistently creating long and complicated conversations.

Managers can now see how many touches an agent needs to solve a client's issue

Dynamic and Customizable

The Email Meter team is committed to keeping the dashboard in sync with Avery Dennison’s needs as they change and emerge. The customizable nature of Enterprise Dashboards makes it possible to quickly modify metrics and incorporate new workflows. Avery Dennison and Email Meter now meet on a quarterly basis to review the data together and identify areas of improvement as well as future projects.

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