Email data helps French Real Estate agency streamline onboarding

Immobiliere Pujol sets goals based on email statistics to make sure onboardings for new employees are successful. Using Email Meter, they were able to improve Response Time by 18.5%!

Immobiliere Pujol has concrete goals for each new hire. They base all their KPIs, SLAs, and performance reviews on email performance. For such a data-centered approach, accurate and extensive analytics are key.

Immobiliere means “real estate” in French! This agency specializes in rentals and buying in sunny Marseille, France. Their industry relies on email communication to get things done. Email Meter helps them evaluate and encourage their team across departments: Account Management, Administration, Real Estate Agents, and more.


Chief Accountant Anthony Vigier and Director Stephane Pujol need organization and trackability. They've always strived to keep all their business communications in one place. In Real Estate, it’s important to have everything in writing for two reasons:

1. So as not to miss any important details.

2. To be able to quantify and track the performance of new hires.

That’s why the firm wants to be “100% digital” in their interactions with clients. But they were struggling to track their new hires’ performance when all of their work was coming in and out of their individual inboxes.


Anthony and Stephane have used Email Meter for 2 years to track employee performance during onboardings. They tend to see consistent Response Time and Response Rate improvements during the first few months of employment. Anthony says: “It's a tool that we use for [new hires]. They will have a response time of 9 hours, and after 6 months it will be less than an hour. It's really useful to help the person progress, and to tell them that there's something wrong, without being behind them all day.”

Response Rate to clients
1h 1m
Average Response Time during 2021
Response Time improvement

Setting concrete onboarding goals

Success when onboarding a new employee is Anthony and Stephane’s main goal. For them, Response Time is the most important metric. Anthony shared that “because we manage co-ownership, services, rentals, and transactions, we know that the first thing perceived by the customer is the responsiveness even before the substance of the answer.” Because of this, they have set up a 1 hour Response Time SLA for all employees. They check on new hires weekly until they hit their response time goals. “We really rely on this data to help the person progress in their management of emails and the time allocated to them.”

Immobiliere Pujol managed to maintain a 1 hour, 1 minute response time for the entire year of 2021!

Going fully digital

As mentioned before, Anthony and Stephane want to keep all their business online. They prefer email over calls or in-person meetings, as it’s much easier to keep track. Before, an overloaded employee had no way to prove it. There was no way to measure or compare incoming email volumes between people or time periods. Now, email data shows who's overloaded or overworked, allowing their team to get help when they need it. Anthony and Stephane also love being able to study their team's day-to-day. It allows them to find who has time for other tasks, so they can spread work out fairly.

“We use Email Meter not to punish a person, but to analyze and identify strengths and weaknesses. It allows us to see a problem that we might not have been able to notice without email data. We like to have figures on what we do, whether in volume or in response time.
-Anthony Vigier
Chief Accountant at Immobiliere Pujol

Staying on track

COVID-19 halted work completely for many industries, and it was hard for some to get back up to speed. Immo biliere Pujol credits Email Meter for keeping them connected with their team’s workload—and in turn helping them avoid email overload. They expanded their Email Meter use from only onboardings to checking how workload was being delegated across all teams. It helped them foster a feeling of trust within their organization during an uncertain time.

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