Ray White 360 increases team productivity with Email Meter

Ray White uses Email Meter to get insight into their communications with thousands of clients — allowing them to deal with a high email volume while delivering stellar service.

Ray White uses Email Meter to get insight into their communications with thousands of clients — allowing them to deal with a high email volume while delivering stellar service.

Ray White 360 is a property management company based out of New Zealand, a branch of the Ray White real estate group. They have a team of property managers that promote and manage a selection of rental properties, so they are constantly in contact with both tenants and owners. The satisfaction of both parties is extremely important to the property managers and upper management at Ray White, and they like to frequently check in and measure their performance via monthly internal meetings.


The Operations Manager, Menique Stuart, is always looking for new and innovative ways to use data to improve communication with their stakeholders. Communication is really important to Menique, and she wants to make sure that her team “makes the most of each interaction.”

However, there was no clear method to evaluate how they were doing. Email is the main channel that the property managers use to interact with owners and renters, but the only way she could check in on their communication was by physically logging into their inboxes. Doing this, she wasn’t able to see any trends, problem areas, or improvements which left her feeling like she wasn’t able to provide the most holistic reviews for her team.


When Menique began using Email Meter to coach her property managers, she finally started getting the insights that she was missing. She says: “It uncovered an entire other aspect of management for me, and a few issues that we weren’t aware of before using our dashboard.”

Now, instead of making decisions based on intuition, she relies on the data to be a source of truth when there’s a tough call. It’s easy for Menique to see the value of Email Meter when she is preparing for her monthly reviews with her team.

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Monthly Performance Reviews

Before using Email Meter, their team’s performance was based solely on their NPS scores, which were collected from surveys sent out to the owners and tenants that the managers worked with. They were concerned that the NPS score wasn’t giving them enough detailed information as there was no way to standardize the assessments they were getting for the managers. “Email Meter helps explain what is or isn’t happening in terms of feedback from our stakeholders,” Menique explains.

When preparing for their monthly meetings, she logs into Email Meter and focuses on each individual’s stats. She likes to have the dashboard at hand during every meeting, so she can talk through what went well or could have been improved that month.

With Email Meter, you can quantify how hard your team is working with real data

Together with the NPS scores, she can easily show the correlation between a quick response time and a better client review which helps keep her team motivated. She also easily sets personalized KPIs for each property manager, based on their own past performance instead of an arbitrary number.

Distributing workload

Another significant concern the Operations Manager had was understanding how the workload was distributed within her team. Now she uses the Top Interactions chart to see how many emails the project managers are exchanging with their clients, and this helps her determine where to distribute new responsibilities.

It’s common knowledge that having the same amount of clients doesn’t always mean that they require the same amount of time and support, and email data is one of the easiest ways to discern who those high-touch customers are. She uses that data to make sure that everyone on her team is pulling the same weight: “We honestly had no idea who on our team had a high workload before, but now it’s really easy to tell!”

Promoting employee wellbeing

Menique believes in a healthy work-life balance, especially in the uncertain times that we’re still experiencing in 2021. She uses the Busiest Hours Heat Map in the report to take a second and reflect on what her employee’s days look like. It was really shocking for her to see some of the property managers responding to a ton of emails after work hours, which she had no idea was happening before she started using Email Meter.

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