Wild Goose Filling predicts staffing needs using email statistics

Wild Goose used Email Meter to prevent their support team from getting overwhelmed — while keeping customers happy.

Wild Goose Filling uses Email Meter to evaluate their support team’s performance and workload. They’ve been able to use insights from their email to make important internal decisions.

Wild Goose Filling is a company based in Colorado that makes canning and bottling machines for mostly craft breweries. As more and more breweries pop up in the United States and beyond, Wild Goose is committed to providing a seamless bottling experience for their users. Ben McKibben, the Sultan of Support at Wild Goose, explains his passion for top-notch customer service this way: “We have people join our goose nest, we don't have customers.”


Ben always struggled with quantifying the support efforts that went into their emails. He didn’t know exactly where to start when it came to finding the stats he needed, but was trying to avoid changing the current email setup. His main goals were to use historical data to determine where problem areas were, and be able to justify his manpower needs to his superiors. As a growing company, it can be hard to determine when your team is overwhelmed and when it’s time to bring someone on, but Ben thought that Email Meter could be the perfect tool for this type of forecasting.


Ben uses Email Meter weekly to “make sure [they’re] not leaving people hanging.” He used the historical data from the past 2 years to set up achievable goals for his support team. “Using Email Meter, I've added a Response Time goal for our team, and it turns out we're crushing it. I can finally see how my team is doing and also justify my manpower needs.”

Response Rate to clients
Decrease in Response Time
Emails to clients sent

Justifying staffing changes

In 2021, Ben could feel that business was starting to pick up again, and the incoming email volume was also looking alarming. After running the numbers, he decided that it was time to hire someone before the support box got overwhelmed.  By showing that external emails grew by 45% in the past year, it was easy to convince management.

Maintaining top notch customer support

Although volumes increased significantly, adding another staff member helped Wild Goose keep Response Times low. Their median response time actually decreased by 11% in 2021, even while they responded to almost 15% more client emails! Wow!

The company sold 75% more than they’d projected for 2021, so maintaining the same level of support for their new customers is extremely important to them. Monitoring Response Times by client or domain was an easy way for Wild Goose to achieve this.

“If you need email visibility, Email Meter is the easiest way to get it. It does exactly what we needed it to do! I can finally see how my team is doing and justify my manpower needs. They are a pleasure to work with and make everything so easy.”
- Ben McKibben
Sultan of Support at Wild Goose Filling

Keeping an eye on the team

COVID19 left many working remotely, and it’s becoming increasingly common for managers to want to get that extra insight into their team’s day-to-day. For Ben, taking a moment to slow down every week and get a peek into the support workload was a great way to make sure he’s keeping up with everyone’s performance.

Through his weekly scheduled report, he gets a snapshot of the team’s activity every Monday at 9am. Any irregularities he spots prompt him to log in to his dashboard to dig deeper or reach out to a team member who is struggling.

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